Thursday, April 2, 2009

Exciting Week...

Nothing too exciting happened this week with my RP draft. I worked a little more on it, and was able to get onto page 7. I still have a few more things to add from my blog last week, and I will be ready for the peer reviews in 2 weeks! I still think my draft is really good, and I am looking forward to class feedback!

I was going to add to my draft this afternoon, but had a fire in the field on the side of the house that I got to help put out. We had 5 different township firefighters here this afternoon. Needless to say, it was a little more excitement than I was hoping for today. By the time the fire was out, it was already time to start making dinner, but not before I took a much needed shower to get the black smoke off of my skin, and burnt particles of grass out of my hair.

As I have already workshopped some of my classmates drafts, I have taken note of some of the things they have done. I also tried my hardest to give helpful feedback to the two drafts already turned in. I am looking forward to feedback given on my draft, and hope that my classmates will try hard to help my draft better.

A sidenote on the papers due in the final portfolio; I think every piece exceeds my standards. I did have my econference on my RP draft yesterday, that went extremely well. I think that once I add in the few things professor Stewart told me to add, it will be a polished paper ready to be submitted in week 16.

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