Friday, March 27, 2009

Sitting on top of the rollercoaster

My research paper draft is coming together really great. I am pleased with what I have written thus far, and hope that I am able to finish strong. I have a few odds and ends in the body to complete, as well as write a dominant conclusion.
I have 6 pages complete of my draft, as I thought we were to have a minimum of five pages prepared this week for workshops. I was pretty excited to see that I am ahead of the game for once (it’s nice to be on this side). The feedback I have received thus far is very positive, and people looking forward to what else I come up with. In the outline workshop, somebody mentioned that I should compare what other countries do to help students with tuition. This would be a good thing to add into my body if I would fall short of the length requirements. However, with as much research is available about my specific topic, I do not think that I will have a hard time hitting the ten page mark.
I have been pretty successful at finding great quotes within my research to help add to what I am trying to say. Many of the things I highlighted in my initial reading of all of my sources have been extremely helpful with supporting my thoughts. The only thing I need to find out for sure is the right way to indent multiple sentences from one source in the same quote.
I have a few minor things to complete in the body section of my paper, as well as a come up with a great conclusion. I plan to complete these next week. The way to do this requires me to find the time to write the remaining parts of the draft.

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