Friday, March 6, 2009

Research Paper-Organization...

This week was an inadvertent down week. I got vertigo and have been miserable and dizzy everyday and haven’t gotten much accomplished. I did, however, find the prompt for last week’s blog J and this week’s, so this blog is a combination of this week’s prompt and last week’s prompt as well.
The audience I am going to try to aim at is college students, and their parents. I am targeting them because my paper is about college tuition, which affects college students, and the parents of college students that have to provide their financial information for the FAFSA. Thinking outside of the box, I want college students to stick up for themselves and quit letting colleges increase prices for no reason other than because they can. This, I know is wishful thinking, but I often feel that colleges are raising prices because they are irresponsible with budgets. I also feel that them being able to raise tuition because government funding is increasing is a pile of crap. Schools shouldn’t worry about where their money is coming from, they should be happy as long as they are getting it.
An organizational pattern I am aiming for is keeping the reasons for tuition increases in logical order. Or, perhaps, I will discuss the most obvious reasons first, and the less obvious at the rear.
I think it makes sense to start with the most obvious, because readers would already be thinking about it anyway. I feel that I can very quickly get these out of the way, and elaborate and investigate other reasons easier.
After I discuss these to my heart’s content, I plan on discussing the many options to avoid tuition increases every year. There are many pieces of research I have found, that offer many interesting ideas. Some colleges even will lock in tuition for incoming freshman for the first four or five years they plan to attend that college.

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